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Can I Stripe My Own Parking Lot?


Are you tired of paying someone else to stripe your parking lot, warehouse, or playground? Well, we have just the solution for you! Our paint striping machine lets you take matters into your own hands and create professional-looking stripes with ease. You can even use low VOC latex paint, making it an eco-friendly option. And the best part? It's not just for straight lines - you can easily stripe curved lines too! Plus, with a large selection of stencils to choose from, including handicap symbols and directional arrows, your striping options are endless. So what are you waiting for? Get your stripes on with our paint striping machine today!


Hello Precision Line Striping!

With our compact design, you can now stripe within inches of parked cars or obstacles without worrying about damaging overspray. And guess what? Our optional Left Side Roller Kit allows you to get even closer! Talk about taking striping to the next level!




Newstripe Rollmaster Striping Machine Capabilities


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Facility Striping Machine




  • Stripe within a few inches of parked cars or obstacles without damaging overspray, and the optional Left Side Roller Kit allows the user to get even closer.
  • Spill-proof design pumps paint directly from a one-gallon can.
  • Quick color changes and hassle-free clean-up.
  • Paints 2”, 3”, or 4” wide lines on asphalt or concrete using standard traffic paint.
  • Folding handlebars makes transportation and storage easy.



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Airless Technology


With its lightweight design and airless technology, you can now easily walk behind it and create professional-looking stripes in no time. Say goodbye to those cumbersome, heavy machines and hello to ease and convenience!

Perfect for small to medium-sized areas such as facilities, parking lots, and pavement areas, our airless walk behind striping machines are the answer to all your striping woes.

And guess what? We even have stencils available to help you take your striping game to the next level. So, get ready to stripe like a pro with our airless walk behind striping machines - your new secret weapon for perfect stripes every time!


See this Airless Technology in action > Watch Video >>

Newstripe Parking Lot Line Stripers




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Newstripe Roll Master Stripe Machine

Save both TIME and MONEY - DIY


Stop spending a fortune on maintaining safety in your small to medium-sized facility!  It's time to put an end to it. Safety Managers are now opting for a DIY route to save both time and money. And, what's better than investing in the Roll Master by Newstripe? This revolutionary warehouse line machine is perfect for keeping your warehouses, parking lots, and pavement areas safe and secure. So, why wait? Get your hands on the Roll Master Line Striping Machine today and say goodbye to all your safety concerns!





YOU can start striping in minutes! ANY budget options...

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Newstripe Pavement Marking Catalog 2021

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Pavement Stencil Catalog

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RollMaster 5000 Line Painting Machines are facility safety manager's solution to safety!Newstripe Roll Master Stripe Machine

Quickly puncture and drain aerosol cans while reducing hazardous waste costs!

Aerosol Can Disposal System w/counter

Aerosol Can Disposal System




Convert your hazardous waste aerosol cans into non-hazardous scrap metal with just one stroke


Finally a solution to hazardous waste aerosol cans. Our new product allows you to convert these cans into non-hazardous scrap metal with just one stroke. This innovative technology not only ensures safe disposal of hazardous waste but also contributes towards a cleaner and greener environment. Say goodbye to the hassle and risk of disposing of hazardous waste aerosol cans and switch to our new solution today.


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