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The RPB® Nova 3® respirator is the best in abrasive blasting.  Why?  The breakthrough comfort and technology has been designed to advance your safety and productivity.  Below are just a few of the reasons operations are now wearing RPB protection.


NOVA 3 The World's Most Comfortable
Blasting Respirator - Watch the video

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Features & Benefits

  • Cool incoming air by up to 52 degrees
  • Unbeatable comfort - ergonomically & lightweight
  • Air inlet swivels and sits comfortably on your hip
  • Exhausted air is directed away from your body, eliminating the need for heat resistant clothing
  • All parts can be purchased individually for easy maintenance and servicing.

Download RPB Nova 3 Blast Respirator Brochure

RPB Nova 3 Blast Respirator With C40 Climate Control Brochure


Uses / Applications

Abrasive blasting, Metal fabrication, Metal cutting/grinding, Brazing, Fetting, Spray painting, Coating, Power coating, Chemical stripping, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Chemical, pesticide and materials handling, Fiber glassing, Composite production, Sanding, Waste management




World's best blasting respirator

Increase productivity and safety protection!





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Product Comparison

  NOVA 3 Comparison NOVA 2000 Comparison NOVA 1 Comparison ASTRO Comparison
  NOVA 3® NOVA 2000® NOVA 1™ ASTRO™
Air supply SAR or PAPR SAR SAR or PAPR SAR or PAPR
Available attachments and accessories Nova 3® Talk™ L4™ Light Nova 2000® Talk™ Nova 1™ Talk™  
Head protection Yes Yes Yes Bump Cap
Hearing protection Yes No No No
Eye Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cape types Nylon, leather and blast jacket Nylon, leather and blast jacket Nylon, leather and blast jacket Nylon and leather
Assigned protection factor 1000 1000 1000 1000
Top-rated feature Wide field of vision and premium comfort Comfortable and durable. Comfortable and durable. Comfortable and durable.


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