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About Our Company


Advanced Safety & Industrial Supply (ASI eStore) supports workplace leaders who challenge their employees  to always work safe.


For over 30 years we’ve worked with leaders that believe their team is important and will make sure that no one is hurt producing, transmitting or distributing their product.

Creating a workplace that targets zero-injuries is not a gimmick or a new safety program – it is a workplace where everyone cares enough to engage in the safety process. To create such a workplace, the organizations need leadership at all levels that make a true commitment to safety, and a supplier that will ensure their team has all the tools and resources necessary to follow best in class safety procedures.

Advanced Safety and Industrial Supply (ASI eStore) supports workplace leaders who know how to rally the people behind a cause and is willing to walk the talk.

Employees want a leader who will challenge them to continually be better at working safe, a leader who says, "I don't want you to get hurt producing, transmitting or distributing our product and I am willing to work with you to make sure that happens."

Safety is an action word, but most of the time we treat it as something passive. To make something safe takes action and requires one to do something. That something is to recognize what can cause an injury (hazard) and then take steps to control it in a manner that ensures nobody gets hurt.

Remember, “We don’t work in a dangerous environment. We work in a hazardous environment that we make dangerous by not following safe work procedures and wearing our PPE.” -Brad Miles

When we understand what it takes to create an injury-free workplace, we are able to hit the target more than not. Hazards are the reason people get hurt, without the hazard there is no injury. When we fail to follow safety procedures and or wear our personal protective equipment we increase the risk of an injury.

A hazard-free workplace is created by actively identifying, evaluating the risk and applying controls to physically protect employees.


Protect your employees and your workplace with best-in-class protection from ASI eStore to make safety happen.



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