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Blackline Safety for workers beyond sight and sound Blackline Safety for workers beyond sight and sound

G7: Gets your workforce home safely!


Blackline Personal Devices Area Monitoring and Lone Worker Equipment

It has never been easier to keep your team and worksite connected.  We have safety solutions that are easy to deploy and give you a comprehensive and seamless safety ecosystem.  Blackline offers unparalleled connectivity via cellular or satellite which means you are never at risk from broken links or missed connections.


Portable Devices

Area Monitoring

Lone Worker










Blackline Safety Portable Devise Monitor Speakerphone In Use

No learning curve! Out-of-the-box deployment 




With out-of-the-box deployment, configurability for a variety of job functions and situations and  monitoring for up to five gases, G7 multi-gas detector reduces the cost and complexity of fleet management. Powerful, simple, prepared.

Equip your field workers with G7 always connected wearables

Area Monitoring









G7 EXO Area Monitor


G7 EXO area monitor is there to ensure safety of your sites.  Built for extremes with unimaginable battery life, it's your trustworthy source for real-time information about what's happening around your facilities, even when you can't be there yourself.  It goes where you need it to and connects in minutes, always ready to alert you and your teams on site to any hazard or emergency.  Sleep well knowing your business's most important assets are protected.  Robust, trustworthy, always there.

Watch the video of G7 EXO monitors capabilities.



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Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces


G7Multi Gas Portable Detector With Pump

G7 Multi-Gas Pump


G7 Multi-Gas Pump Detector gives unprecedented control over each confined space entry and leak check your team performs.

When and where are your workers entering confined spaces?  Where are they being exposed to gas and where are leaks occurring. With G7 multi-gas pump, you’ll know.

Blackline G7 Multi Gas Monitor With Pump

Watch Video to see how easily G7 Works 

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G7 Lone Work Monitor

G7 Lone Worker Monitor

Almost all incidents are preventable. The challenge is limitations of time and resources. The key is leveraging the bes of what is available.

G7 Lone Worker Monitors give you the chance to control time when a worker is in distress, delivering complete incident detection and emergency response services to ensure the well being of your most vulnerable team members is always accounted for.

Translation, should the worst case occur, you have the support and resources you need to deliver your team members to safety. No one gets left behind.


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G7 Multi Gas Monitor
G7 Portable Multi Gas Detector


The world’s most capable, customizable and connected multi-gas detector.

Because safety is your number one priority for your workers.  We have a capable and customizable safety solution. Get connected in seconds and monitor for up to five gases while also gaining real-time visibility of workers’ safety, including their alert status.


Turn on your G7 device and in minutes, your team is ready to get the job done and return home safe each day.


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Worker reading G7 Screen



Benefits of G7c Fall Detection No Motion Detection Messaging Speaker Phone GPS Location SOS




Proactive Safety


It’s one thing to have the tools in place to spring into action should an incident occur, it’s another thing to know about a hazard and do something about it before anything happens at all. 


We believe in being proactive about safety, because waiting for an incident to happen can cost lives. Protecting your teams from the previously unseen, without interfering with their important daily work. You can do more to help keep your people safe, and the choices you make today can impact your business for years to come.     


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Bringing Heros Home to the
Next Generation of Heros

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When every second counts you need the speed of G7 EXO.


When an emergency happens, getting a command center up and running fast is critical. With connected real-time devises and monitoring, allows quick set-up a command center. Workers can take command with full visibility into the scenario from anywhere, such as the fire station or E.O.C.. And with unmatched capabilities and proven durability, their place among hazmat teams and first responders is unquestionable.

G7 EXO portable area gas monitors have integrated cellular connectivity as do G7 personal wearables. Both devices also have optional satellite connectivity*, through a portable bridge, for even the most remote locations. GPS-enabled location technology and direct-to-cloud data streaming, means you get real-time information and visibility of the conditions faced by each responder right at your fingertips.


We welcome the opportunity to choose a safety program thats works with you and your team.  We have numerous programs to get you started such as...





Trade in your old devices and update to the newest technology in safety.  Ask us about this Refresh Program today!


Blackline Refresh Program









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