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Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Overwhelming evidence shows that workers that feel safe reduces emotional stress and thus improves personal well-being in workers and patients.


The RPB PX5 changes the way people experience clean filtered air across multiple healthcare and life science settings - from medical personnel in emergency responses, to manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry.

After years of product reginement the PX5 is changing the way users experience comfort and redefines what it means to be a powered air purifying respirator.

The light weight design allows you to get more out of your day.  Strategically desgined to distribute weight through its vertical mounting and supported by the flexi-belt system, it contours to the user for maximized comfort and stability.

First Responders
Frontline Workers
Dental Teams



Providing equipment that ensures safety of both frontline workers
and patients is key to health and well being.

RPB Protecting Frontline Dental Teams


Ideal For

Dental Teams

First Responders / Emergency Response Personnel

Pharmaceutical Industry

Medical Personnel



View the RPB Z-LINK RESPIRATOR Multi-purpose respiratory protection.


RPB T-Link

Enhancing your safety at work.

The RPB T-Link has been desgined to move with you, not against you.  With your comfort and ability to perform your role our main focus, the T-Link revolutionizes how you work, promoting your health and safety.

Below are just some of the freatures:

  • Experience an uncompromised downward and peripheral view so you can clearly see an d connect to your surroundings.
  • The Tychem cover security attaches to the headtop system ensuring it will never ecome loose while working.
  • Air is directed ddown your body for cooling with the soft, breathable inner-bib and extra tuck-in collar.

Equipped with a padded head liner and head suspension system, the T-Link's weight is evenly distributed, relieveing you of aches and strains on your neck and shoulders.  Being fully adjustable ensures a customizable and secure fit for all head sizes, maximizing stability and ensuring the respirator always moves with your head.  Our innovative design ensures you have an unrestricted range of movement, so you can focus on your job at hand.



Product Summary T-Link Z-Link
  T-Link Z-Link
Assigned Protection Factor (APF) 1000 1000
Features Adjustable head harness allows for optimal comfort through customizable fit.  Disposable cape options available for quick replacement/decontamination. Widened perspective for complete view of surroundings and lift up visor for ease of communication outside of the work environment.
Suitable for Medical, dental, pharmaceutical Medical, dental, pharmaceutical
Respirator type Loose-fitting Loose-fitting
Fit testing required No No
Airsupply Supplied or powered air Supplied or powered air
Eye protection Yes Yes
Cape/hood types

Dupont Tychem 2000
Dupont Tychem 4000

Dupont Tychem 2000
Dupont Tychem 4000

Attachments and accessories

Comfort-Link padding system
Comms-Link In-helmet communication system
Vision-Link helmet light
Peel-off lenses

Comfort-Link padding system
Comms-Link In-helmet communication system
Vision-Link helmet light
Peel-off lenses



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