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Woman Wearing Hard Hat And High Vis Vest

Does your team have what they need to protect themselves?

Wearing sutiable protective clothing when welding is critical to stay safe.  The use of high heat in the welding process requires heat resistant clothing and we have you covered!

Work safe by having the latest technology of welding equipment. We ensure full compliance with safety regulations by offering safety equipment, safety training and safety equipment inspections.


Download Welding Safety Quick Reference Guide


The welding process produces visible smoke that contains harmful metal fume and gas by-products [learn more].

Wear appropriate welding personal protective equipment and welding area protection products.  These articles help prevent injury to workers or avoid damage to equipment and surfaces during welding.

When the welding and metal fabrication demand heat shielding, dexterity, tactility and protection demands of all welding and metal fabrication applications.  Caiman >  Ironcat >


Download OSHA Standards Fact Sheet for suggestions on protecting welders and coworkers from exposure to the many hazardous substances in welding fume.

#1 Torch Kit includes everything you need!

Torch Kit Extreme


How much welding fumes can we breathe in before it becomes dangerous?


How much welding fumes can we breathe in before it becomes dangerous?


Acute exposure to welding fume and gases can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness and nausea.