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Unprecedented HEAT Requires Unprecedented Protection

  It's crucial that you become familiar with the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and act promptly to provide first aid. Remember, time is of the essence!   Heat-related illnesses can be difficult to diagnose, and symptoms can occur together. So, don't try to diagnose, act fast. Take care of yourself and your colleagues, because these conditions can worsen quickly and result in fatalities.  
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Construction Workers And High Temperatures


Construction workers often face high temperatures and extreme weather conditions while working on site, which can lead to heat stress, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses. To combat this, it is important to wear cooling products such as a cooling vests and helmet cooling sweatbands.


Heat Stress Cooling VestsThe Chill-Its 6225 Premium Phase Change Cooling Vest is a great option for construction workers. It is designed to house phase-change cooling packs that keep workers cooler, safer, and more productive. The vest is made of a modacrylic cotton blend flame-resistant fabric which meets ASTMF1506 requirements and is classified to NFPA (CAT1). The phase-change cooling material maintains a 64°F (18°C) temperature for up to four hours when activated.


Heat-related illnesses can have non-specific symptoms, which means that when a worker is performing physical labor in a warm environment, any unusual symptom can be a sign of overheating.


It is crucial for workers to take precautions and use cooling wearables to prevent heat-related illnesses. Employers should also provide training on the signs and symptoms of heat stress, and encourage workers to take regular breaks and stay hydrated. By working together, we can ensure that construction workers stay cool and safe on the job.


Stay cool and stay safe!


Cooling Products



On a hot day in upper state New York, a construction worker was overcome by heat and collapsed and later died from heat illness.

It was his second day of work on the construction site.  Tim was at the young age of 35.  He was a hard worker who loved his family.


Don't let this tragedy happen to you or your team.  This is a preventable hazard.



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