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Rooftop Safety


At Advanced Safety & Industrial Supply, we understand the risks and challenges faced by workers on rooftops.


Slippery conditions and uneven surfaces can pose serious threats to their safety and productivity. That's why we are proud to introduce Kee Safety solutions which are revolutionizing rooftop work.


These unique systems effectively overcome slippery conditions and uneven surfaces. These solutions provide workers with a secure and stable platform, enabling them to carry out their tasks with confidence and peace of mind.


Kee Safety Roof Top Walkways


Overcome wet or wintery conditions or uneven surfaces with Safe Anti-slip and Level Walking Surfaces


The days of worrying about accidents caused by slippery surfaces or struggling to maintain balance on uneven rooftops are gone.  Kee Safety Solutions utilize materials and engineering to ensure maximum grip and stability. It's like having solid ground beneath your feet, even when you're working at great heights.


These solutions enhance safety AND boost productivity. By eliminating the fear of slipping or falling, workers can focus on their tasks, leading to improved efficiency and faster completion times. With our system, the job gets done, and it gets done right.


Kee Safety Roof Top Walkway Steps


Enhance Safety AND Boost Productivity

  • Crossovers
  • Kee Dome Kit
  • Kee Hatch
  • KeeGuaard Ladder Kit
  • Kwik Kits
  • Mini Stepovers
  • Pallet Gate
  • Rigid Anchor Points
  • Skylight Screens
  • Steps and Bridges
  • Straight Railing Kits
  • Universaal Self-closing Gate
  • Weight Anka



Contact us today to learn more about this innovative safety solution and how it can benefit your workforce. Together, let's ensure a safer future for rooftop workers.


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Rooftop Safety Solutions For Any Situation


Edges of Rooftops Aren't The Only Hazard



Rooftop Fall Protection: An Integrated Solution


When access to the entire roof is required, safest most comprehensive solution is a premier railing system that surrounds and protects all roof edges.  KeyGuard Safety Railing is the most common system we install.

However, there are many additional hazards when working on a rooftop such as domes and tripping hazards.   Contact us for an integrated customized solution.


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Kee Safety Integrated Solution


Learn more about rooftop safety options by downloading one of the following Kee Safety Product Brochures...






Together, let's create a safer and more productive environment for everyone.


Don't let slippery conditions or uneven surfaces hinder your progress. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Rooftop Safety Solution and how it can revolutionize safety on your worksites.

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Kee Safety Roof Top Dome Walkways



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Roof Top Safety Solutions