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Keep your workplace safe by having a good supply of safety glasses or safety goggles available for your team.  Choosing eye protection that is comfortable and is fogless is the best way to ensure your team will wear the eye protection throughout the whole day.

We are available to help you choose the right eye protection for your facility.

Go FOGLESS! #1 top choices in eye protection

Stop looking through fog while working.  Lenses fog for many reasons, all of which are related to ambiant temperature and moisture in the air.  When a rapid temperature change occurs, micro-water droplets in the air will collect on untreated lenses, causing the lenses to fog and impede vision [Learn more about this technology].

Does Eye Protection have to be approved by OSHA?

Safety Goggles

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Elvex Go-Specs Goggles-Black Foam Lined Frame-Clear Anti-Fog Lens
Elvex Go-Specs Goggles-Black Foam Lined Frame-Grey Anti-Fog Lens
Elvex Airspecs Goggles-Black Foam Lined Frame-Steel Mesh Lens
Direct Vent Goggles EN166, Clear  R/Fit
Indirect Vent Goggles EN166, Clear  R/Fit
Soft Protective Goggles, G-350, Direct, Soft Vinyl
440 Basic-DV Direct Vent Goggles, Clear/Clear
441 Basic-IV Indirect Vent Goggles, Clear/Clear
441 Basic-IV Indirect Vent Goggles, Clear Fogless/Clear
5300 Contempo Goggle, Clear/Blue Tint
5300 Contempo Goggle, Clear Fogless/Blue Tint
2120 Standard Goggles, Small Size, Clear Lens, Elastic Strap
Protective Goggles, Clear/Clear, PVC, Impact Resistant, Elastic Strap
Protective Goggles, Clear/Clear, PVC, Antifog, Chemical Resistant, Indirect Vent
Stryker Safety Goggles, Anti-Fog, Clear Lens
Verdict Goggles, Clear/Gray, Scratch Resistant, Foam Lining, Elastic Strap
Verdict Goggles, Clear/Smoke, Antifog, Foam Lining, Elastic Strap
GPL500 Series Premium Goggle with Detachable Face Shield, Blue Frame, AF, Clear
GPL500 Series Premium Goggle with Detachable Face Shield, Green Frame, AF, Shade 3 IR
GPL500 Series Premium Goggle with Detachable Face Shield, Green Frame, AF, Shade 5 IR
Chronosoft Safety Goggles, Clear/Black, Ventless
V80 MONOGOGGLE VPC Safety Goggles, Clear/Bronze, Indirect Vent
V80 MONOGOGGLE 211 Goggles, Clear/Green, Antifog, Foam Lining
V80 MONOGOGGLE XTR Goggles, Clear/Blue, Indirect Ventilation, Antifog
V80 MONOGOGGLE XTR Goggles, IR 5.0/Black
V90 SHIELD* Goggle, Clear/Blue
V90 SHIELD* Goggle, IR 3.0/Black
V90 SHIELD* Goggle, IR/UV 5.0/Black
V80 WILDCAT Goggles, Clear/Black
V80 WILDCAT Goggles, Smoke/Black
V80 WILDCAT Goggles, IR/UV 5.0/Black
Carbonvision Safety Goggle, Clear Lens, Black/Gray Frame, Dura-Streme, Neoprene
Flex Seal Goggle, Clear Lens, Navy Frame, Indirect Vent, Anti-Fog, Hydrophilic Hydrophobic Scratch-Resistant, Neoprene Strap
Futura Goggles, Clear/Clear, Wrap-Around
Futura Goggles, IR 5.0/Black, Wrap-Around
Entity Goggles, Matte Black Frame, Shade 3.0  Lens, Uvextra Antifog Coating
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Radians - Impact Resistant, Anti-fog & UV Protection


Anti-fog Safety GlassesPREVENT EYE INJURIES

The Safety Glasses that don't sacrifice comfort or vision to stay safe while working.

Removable Head Strap
Provides an adjustable goggle-like fit

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Lens
Provides impact resistance and fog control

Rubber Nosepiece
For all day comfort

Eyewear Temples
Easily Snap-In

Closed Cell Foam Insert (FJCT)
Protects against airborne dust and debris

Radians Product Details

Radians Cuatro™ 4-in-1 Foam Lined Safety Eyewear has interchangeable head strap and temples that can be use with or without foam insert - Order Now


Elvex - Impact Resistant, Anti-fog & UV Protection

Learn more about Elvex the most dynamic and user focused safety goggles.

Elvex Go-Specs Goggles - Black Foam Lined Frame-Clear Anti-Fog Lens

  • Length adjustable elastic fabric strap.
  • EVA Closed cell foam is long lasting, resisting body oil and sweat.
  • Dual ventilation ports around lens and large side temple ports allow air circulation for superior anti-fog performance.
  • SuperCoat anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static long lasting washable coating.
  • 99.9% UV Protection

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Elvex mesh safety glasses - why mesh?  Learn more



Advanced Safety & Industrial Supply is the most trusted source in industrial products.  Protect workers by providing safety glasses that don't fog.  We supply fogless eye spectacles for any industry. 

Tired of looking through scratched safety glasses?  We have scratch resistant, fogless safety goggles.  These Go-Specs Goggles offer all day comfort.

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