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EYES ON SAFETY: 10 Ways To Get Your Program Started

10 Ways To Get Your Program Started

Safety conscious managers create safety conscious workers.  We all follow the lead of those in front.  Workers see safety in a variety of ways.  They can see posters on safety hazards, having safety kits readily available, material handling safety guards in the facility, verbal safety cautions when starting a project and seeing your safety habits or actions.  Workers need to know when safety is at the core of their workplace.  It is not difficult to get started.

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Safety Manager & Safety Director Keeping Eyes On Safety

If you are not quite ready to implement a complete safety and health program, here are some simple steps you can take to get started.


Safety Managers Looking for any safety hazards1. Establish Safety & Health as a core value

Tell your workers that making sure they finish the day and go home safely is the way you do business. Assure them that you will work with them to find and fix any hazards that could injure them or make them sick.

2. Lead by example

Ever hear thesaying, 'actions speak louder than words'?  This is also true in the workplace.  When leaders are seen doing things around the work area that will make the environment safer workers are given an example to follow.  Sublinial safety training - it's free!

Here is a true experience.  It was a day after a snow storm.  The parking lot was plowed.  Warehouse workers were standing by the door next to the doc waiting for their supervisor to get their assignments for the day. 

The president of the company came out of his office shaking his head.  When asked what was wrong.  He pointed towards the window at the workers saying good morning to some women walking through the unshoveled entrance walkway. 

He crossed his arms as he watched as none of them grabbed the shovel near by.  He walked across the room, grabbed his coat and gloves and went out and started shoveling.  Immediately all the workers asked him for the shovel.  He refused and continued shoveling until it was done.

Later that morning the warehouse manager came in and apologized to the president for him having to shovel and asked why he wouldn't allow the warehouse workers to finish.  We are all responsible for keeping the workplace safe - including me.  You see a hazard you fix the hazard.  Walkways were always shoveled going forward.

3. Implement a reporting system

Develop and communicate a simple procedure for workers to report any injuries, illnesses, incidents (e.g., near misses/close calls), hazards, or safety and health concerns without fear of retaliation. Include an option for reporting hazards or concerns anonymously.


Getting Started Safety Program


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