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Eye Protection for All Day Comfort Eye Protection for All Day Comfort

Safety Glasses Best Safety Glasses Scratch ResistantEye Protection: Dilemmas Solved

Choosing the appropriate eye protection depends on the workplace hazards.  If you are working in an area that has flying objects or dust particles, you should wear safety glasses with side protection (side shields). If you are working with chemicals, you must wear goggles as indirect fumes can get into your eyes.


Does Eye Protection have to be approved by OSHA?

OSHA does require employers to ensure the safety of all employees in the work environment. Eye and face protection must be provided to protect against chemical, environmental, and radiological hazards or mechanical irritants.  Providing employees with eye protection is the first priority the second is ensuring employees wear it.  To do this we have included the most common reasons workers don't wear their eye protection.


Most Common Reasons Workers Don't Wear Eye Protection Safety Glasses

The most common reasons workers do not wear eye protection are not because they do not care about their eyes or because they do not want to wear glasses.  The reason they buy safety glasses is because they do care about their safety.

The challenge of wearing eye protection is visibilitydurability and comfort.  Let's face it, if you can't see you need to stop.  The top reasons visibility can be impaired is fog, scratches or even tint.  Finding the perfect set of safety glasses or safety goggles is now easier than ever.  Finding the ideal safety glasses for your industry can be another challenge.  Your job may require shatter resistant safety glasses or you may require uv safety glasses for work.

Choosing the ideal eye protection glasses is very important.  We are here to help.  If you have any questions in choosing safety glasses for your industry please contact us.


Below are the number 1 top choices in eye protection.



Bouton - No Fog


Fogless Safety Glasses


Nothing is more frustrating than looking through fog while working.  Lenses fog for many reasons, all of which are related to ambiant temperature and moisture in the air.  When a rapid temperature change occurs, micro-water droplets in the air will collect on untreated lenses, causing the lenses to fog and impede vision. [Learn more about this technology].


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Elvex - Impact Resistant, Anti-fog & UV Protection


Learn more about Elvex the most dynamic and user focused safety goggles.

Elvex Go-Specs Goggles - Black Foam Lined Frame-Clear Anti-Fog Lens

  • Length adjustable elastic fabric strap.
  • EVA Closed cell foam is long lasting, resisting body oil and sweat.
  • Dual ventilation ports around lens and large side temple ports allow air circulation for superior anti-fog performance.
  • SuperCoat anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static long lasting washable coating.
  • 99.9% UV Protection

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Elvex mesh safety glasses - why mesh?  Learn more >

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