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Anti-fog Safety GlassesPREVENT EYE INJURIES

The Safety Glasses that don't sacrifice comfort or vision to stay safe while working.


Removable Head Strap
Provides an adjustable goggle-like fit


Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Lens
Provides impact resistance and fog control


Rubber Nosepiece
For all day comfort


Eyewear Temples
Easily Snap-In


Closed Cell Foam Insert (FJCT)
Protects against airborne dust and debris

Radians Product Details


Radians Cuatro™ 4-in-1 Foam Lined Safety Eyewear has interchangeable head strap and temples that can be use with or without foam insert - Order Now


Radians Cuatro Safety Glasses


Most Dynamic and user focused Safety Goggles

Elvex Go-Specs Goggles - Black Foam Lined Frame-Clear Anti-Fog Lens

  • Length adjustable elastic fabric strap.
  • EVA Closed cell foam is long lasting, resisting body oil and sweat.
  • Dual ventilation ports around lens and large side temple ports allow air circulation for superior anti-fog performance.
  • SuperCoat anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static long lasting washable coating.
  • 99.9% UV Protection


Not Less Fog

Fogless Safety Glasses


Lenses fog for many reasons, all of which are related to ambiant temperature and moisture in the air.  When a rapid temperature change occurs, micro-water droplets in the air will collect on untreated lenses, causing the lenses to fog and impede vision. [Learn more about this technology]

FOGLESS Safety Glasses

Radians 4-1 Foam Lined
Safety Eye Protection


The Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Lens provides impact resistance and fog control [learn more]


Radians Safety Glasses

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Radians Sealed Eyewear Protection