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Safety Beyond Compliance


Whether it’s a confined space, an entire facility needing to be monitored for potential gas hazards, or initiating an emergency response or evacuation – reliable, connected safety devices are a critical link between workers and the help they need. No matter the situation, Blackline Safety has your connectivity covered.

G7 automatically connects to the cloud without needing WiFi or network setup. The G7 EXO area monitor delivers unmatched connectivity and visibility into your facility.

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Blackline Safety Oil & Gas Solutions




Reliability and Durability

Cost Effective


G6 wearables provide a cost-effective, single-gas option that sends data to the cloud every 24 hours and automatically updates firmware, so it always has the latest enhancements. If an alarm is triggered, G6 instantly connects, notifies monitoring personnel, and sends alarm data, so a fast and informed response can be initiated. Those archaic “beep and flash” detectors simply no longer cut it.



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Advanced Analytic Capabilities


With advanced data analytic capabilities, Blackline Live ensures you’re constantly in the know with real-time compliance status of your entire fleet, comprehensive safety monitoring, and unquestionable control of evacuation management. Through standard reports such as gas readings, alerts, usage, bump tests, and calibrations, you’ll be able to quickly identify any potential safety concerns. The data recorded today helps provide measurable performance for tomorrow.


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Safety Beyond Compliance








Using the correct PPE can greatly reduce those risks. It is vital to take precautions when facing potentially hazardous tasks. 



WorkWear for the Gas & Oil Industry